The Achievers Foundation for English Studies has been established for the promotion of English Language, Literature and Culture in the remote and far fetched areas of the country.  It will promote increasing national understanding amongst youth; organize activities for the preservation of culture heritage especially of the rural areas and work for the improvement of socio-economic status of the poor and illiterate backward population.

The objectives of The Achievers Foundation for English Studies are following:

  • To undertake research in the field of English Language, Literature and Culture.
  •   To provide education related to information, language courses, including reading, writing, listening and speaking skills by way of various courses which are relevant to the current scenario through qualified, experienced teachers and professionals to enable the rural students to become confident enough to face any kind of challenge in life.
  • To provide coaching for the competitive examination for the government services or other examination, through qualified, experienced teachers and enable the aspirant students to get success in such examinations.
  • To improve standard of education in all dimension but most importantly in rural areas.
  •  To encourage the students to take active part in the educational system, social administration and economic development of the country.
  •   To support and take necessary action to impart education to weaker and needy section of the society of free of cost or at nominal fee.
  • To establish, manage, maintain and run educational, vocational and technical programs in rural areas.
  • To provide other allied educational activity and organized promotional events related to the education.
  • To communicate and engage with the government, local and public authorities related with education, and non-government organization on any subject related to education.
  • To grant scholarship or provide financial aid to poor / meritorious students in the field of education.

  • To organize meeting, seminars and conferences, publish pamphlets, statistics, periodicals, journals, books and other publications and circulate them and organize other activities for the furtherance of any of the objects.

  • To raise funds by way of contribution by members, grants, donations, charity show, gifts etc. that may not violate or contravene any section of the Societies Registration Act 1890.
  • To acquire by purchase, donation, gift or otherwise any moveable or immovable property, rights, interest and titles and to manage them.
  •  To do all other acts and things conductive and helpful to the advancement and fulfillment of the aims and the objective mentioned herein and to take the entire country and humanity in general on a path to spiritual, mental, physical and economic growth.
  • To provide computer education to the boys and girls of rural area by way of various computer courses which are relevant to the current time through qualified, experienced teachers and professionals to enable them  to become self- dependent.
    All incomes, earning, moveable and/or immovable properties of the Foundation are solely utilized and applied towards the promotions of its aims and objective only and no profit there of shall be paid, in any manner whatsoever to any member of the Society or his/her heir.

    No member has any personal claim on any moveable or immovable property of the Society nor makes any profit whatsoever by virtue of its membership.
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